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Negative Entropy 2

Stars convert gravitational energy, etc to radiation and drive the cosmological expansion
because the radiation loses its energy to redshifting in the expansion.
The redshifting drives the microwave background radiation because radiation gets
thermalized to 3°K by going through the field of low mass particles near the observational
Through Heisenberg's uncertainty principle the redshifting also drives the recycling of
the hydrogen and its negative entropy from the border, because as the uncertainty in the
momentum goes down, the uncertainty in where the particles are goes up.
What this model predicts is that hydrogen and negative entropy will be recycled from the
This is a model of an observational Universe (not an actual Universe), as indicated by
relativity theory and quantum mechanics.
It was pointed out long ago that through a mistake we are seeing the changeless, the
infinite, the undivided as in time and space; and that intertia is the changeless showing through in
the changes, the electrical repulsion is the infinite showing through in the smallness of the
particles, and that gravity is the undivided showing through in the dispersion of the particles
through space. And since it's a mistake-world it's necessarily smitten with uncertainty and
The undivided, through the gravitational plurality and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle,
frustrates the collapse of the electrical duality of the electron and the proton in the hydrogen
The infinite, through the spin duality and Pauli's exclusion principle, frustrates the
collapse of the gravitational plurality of the hydrogen dispersed in space.
And, as I see it, the changeless, through the recycling at the border, frustrates the collapse
of negative entropy. And the Universe sails on.
John L. Dobson