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This Body



This body is the energy of 75,000 atomic bombs, not so much because of its separation

from all the rest of the matter in the observational Universe, as from the undividedness

of the underlying existence showing through in that separation.


Quantum mechanics is the observational evidence that the geometry of what is

known in the trade as the real world is four dimensional, and that time separations come

into that geometry squared with a minus sign. Quantum mechanics is the evidence that

space and time come into that geometry as a pair of opposites, so that the space-time

separations between the emission and absorption events for both 'photons' and

`gravitons' stand at zero.


Gravity, electricity and inertia are the observational evidence that the underlying

existence is changeless, infinite and undivided, and that seeing it in space and time is

due to a mistake, and that through that mistake the changeless shows as inertia; the

infinite shows as the electrical energy of the minuscule electrical particles; and the

undivided shows as gravity and the attraction between opposites.