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Global Astronomy Month - GAM

The Sidewalk Astronomers were very involved with GAM2010 and are working on activities for GAM2011.


History: During the International Year of Astronomy, many Sidewalk Astronomers were involved in the 100 Hours of Astronomy and Galilean Nights Cornerstone Projects. The excitement of 100HA and GN was so great that it just had to continue. We feel that a large part of the success of these projects was the amateur involvement and cooperation around the world, so it is only natural that we, as an Astronomers Without Border affiliate, would be eager to be involved with Global Astronomy Month (GAM).Designed to focus public attention on astronomy and to give amateurs around the world the opportunity to communicate and work together, GAM is a global celebration of all that is possible, not only in amatuer astronomy but in humanity. It might sound a little dramatic, but it is true anyway. We have amateurs from every part of the world working together, without conflict, to find ways to share our passion with each other and with our local communities.  

Please visit the GAM website for event calendars, online events, program ideas, galleries, and blogs.