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By Dave Owen

I arrived with Geoff Regan at about 19:00. We decided not to bring any telescopes as the weather looked likely to be very cloudy, with a forecast of lots of rain in the next few hours. Thankfully, some of our other members did bring telescopes!Jim Stacey set up his Celestron C6 GoTo telescope. Lawrence Ashworth set up his 4 inch refractor and Dave Bentley set up his 85mm refractor. Graham Roberts had placed some direction signs on the route to this relatively obscure location. Graham had also saved a convenient parking place for my car. We were amazed that we had about 90 visitors for this event.The two Wigg Island Rangers had opened up the building quite early to allow some of our early arrivals to set up display equipment - mainly our Laptop PC and PC projector.Brendan Martin started his talk, "My Favourite Objects Through a Telescope", at about 19:10. By 19:19 the room was so packed that the 49 chairs were not enough and several people were standing at the back of the room. Brendan finished his talk at 19:30 and answered questions for about 10 minutes. We then started a 20 minute tea/coffee break - thanks to the Rangers for providing this.At 19:46 Graham Roberts announced that, as it was cloudy, several telescopes were looking across the River Mersey. Most of the children quickly ran outside but a bit of rain arrived a few minutes later.Geoff Regan started his talk, "Our Place in Space", at about 20:00. He finished at 20:40 and then spent another 10 minutes answering questions. We then started to pack out telescopes away. Other LAS members that I spotted at this event were: Graham Rigby, Jim Stacey, Alan Dennott and Pam McAdams.