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Astronomy Event Calendar

Welcome to our calendar of events (scroll down). Sidewalk Astronomers' events are in green, other organization's events are in yellow and Los Angeles area events are in blue. You can see all events or toggle between the calendars from the drop down list. Sidewalk Observing sessions held for any event qualify for our observing pin and free solar glasses. You will need to scroll down to view the calendar. We have also listed links to some of the groups that have thier own calendars. Please note that we did not add the times of astronomical events (transit times, Jupiter opposition, etc) for that, please visit this site http://www.astropixels.com/ephemeris/astrocal/astrocal2016gmt.html


Old Town Sidewalk Astronomers - Monrovia

San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers

New York Sidewalk Astronomers

Guild Of Manhattan Sidewalk Astronomers





There are 3 calendar, please choose from the right side which calendar you want to see. 1. LA Area events  2. National and International Sidewalk Events and 3. National and International Astronomy Events. 
Please note that school programs are not open to the public. If you wish to bring a scope and join us, please call us at 818-599-4134 BEFORE the event.