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Sidewalk Astronomers Recognition Award

Program Overview

This program is desinged to recognize those amateurs that consistently take telescopes out to the public, practising "Urban Guerilla Astronomy" on street corners, in shopping center parking lots, in front of movie theaters, and in dark sky areas where crowds of people are gathered.

The program is simple; take a scope out, fill out an Event Report and when you've done enough events and reached 50 hours for the Bronze Level, mail or email the reports along with any supporting material and we'll send you the Bronze Level pin and post your name on the website. Then keep on doing events until you reach the next level.

We know that it may seem hard, but solar sidewalk events are eligible and spending a few hours each month on the sidewalk will quickly get you to the Bronze Level. Admittedly, it will take more time to get to the higher levels, but if it were easy it wouldn't be worth much.



Rules and Guidelines

Award Application Download

Sidewalk Observing Event Report Download