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We have a number of items that you can order to show support for the Sidewalk Astronomers. Some items, such as books, DVDs, etc., we handle ourselves. Some items are given in return for member/sponsorship and the others are offered for a small donation to cover the cost of printing and mailing. Other items, such as shirts, observing logs, hats, etc., are manufactured and sold through CafePress.com. With CafePress, we don't have to purchase the items for resale or worry about stocking sizes. We have great flexibility with CafePress, so if there is an item you'd like that we don't have, let us know and we'll add it. We also have items from Amazon.com that members have recommended - if you shop for ANYTHING at Amazon - please enter through our site and as we are an associate and earn credit for your purchases.
Thank you for your support.


We have a number of t-shirts and hoodies with a variety of sayings.

Shop for shirts


We also have observing books, hats, and mugs.

Shop for gifts.

Membership Gifts and Collectibles - To show our thanks for your donation, we will be happy to send you the following gifts. Also we have some collectible buttons that we'll send for the cost of manufacturing and shipping.  

Sidewalk Astronomers Membership without Gift

Price $15.00 

Dobsonian Telescope Plans
Dobsonian Telescope Plans.

Price $15.00 


Show your support - make a donation. Thank you.  

Price $5.00 

John Dobson's 95th Birthday Poster

John Dobson's 95th Birthday Celebration commemorative poster. 18 x 24 . Great Poster! Shipping on this item is $9.95 because we have to use poster tubes.

Price $9.95 

John Dobson's 90th Birthday - Commemorative Book
68 pages of letters, photos, and messages to John in celebration of his 90th Birthday.

Price $15.00 

"Universe - The Cosmology Quest"
Universe - The Cosmology Quest  is a unique mixture of a human interest and science documentary film. It exhibits a sharp understanding of the struggles in astronomy and cosmology during the past decades.

Price $68.00 

"A Sidewalk Astronomer" DVD

Price $48.00 

Beyond Space and Time
"Beyond Space and Time" by John Dobson and Dr. Ruth Ballard.

Here is an amazing book totally different from what you may have read about the cosmos and how we perceive the universe.

Price $25.00 

Advaita Vedanta and Modern Science
This is the same book at "Beyond Space and Time", but it a self-published version done several years ago before the current version was published.

Price $15.00 

The Moon is New
The Moon is New

Price $35.00 

ISAN 1 Button
Button form the 1st ISAN

Price $3.00 

ISAN 2 Button
Participation button for ISAN 2008

Price $3.00 

ISAN 3 Button
Button from ISAN 2009 and 100 Hours of Astronomy

Price $3.00 

ISAN 4 Button

Price $3.00 

ISAN 5 Button

Price $3.00 

ISAN 6 Button

Price $3.00 

ISAN 7 Button

Price $3.00 

ISAN 8 Button
Button for the 8th International Sidewalk Astronomy Night

Price $3.00