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The Best Day in My Life

By Polina Siomina
Published 2004-09-02 15:31:49

This is a most beautiful and important day! We have observed Venus. When I saw this small and black "drop" creeping in front of Sun, the bright giant, I was so inspired. We used 3 telescopes and camera. I so hope the photos will be good. At 1:15 p.m. Venus only touched the Sun and at 19:20 p.m. it left our star.

When we tired of observing, we went out from observatory and talked, discussing many science problems, and laughing, remembering the best moments from the history of our club. It seems to me that I've known my friends from club since my birth. It was a good chance today to know them better. But I understand that my life is a part of the club and science and without which I cannot image the future.

This day is a stimulus to reach more and more...the next time it will be possible to observe Venus is 8 years later, it will be December. I don't think the weather for next observance will be as pleasant. But I wait...

I wait and save forever the 8th of June in my heart.