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The Sidewalk Astronomers are happy to announce that we have created the Solar Sidewalk Astronomers division with Pamela Shivak as our coordinator. We have always encouraged solar sessions with the public and lately there has been such interest in solar activities that we decided it needed a division of its own. We're still in the development stage so we would love to hear suggestions about activities, recognition, resources and whatever thoughts you have.

Solar Sidewalk Astronomers Facebook Page


Pamela is Co-Owner of the Solarctivity Facebook group that is approaching 25,000 members. Solaractivity is the home of worldwide amateur solar imagers and solar enthusiast from all walks of life and they love to promote worldwide solar events!



The Solaractivity group just wrapped up a big solar event, The Worldwide Solstice Fest on June 21st, 2015!

It was a huge success with participants contributing pictures of their events from all over the world that included solar viewing, educational astro camps, music, food, art and entertainment!

They are now gearing up for the December 22, 2015 Solstice Fest!

The Solaractivity Worldwide Solstice Fest


For all you Solar Sidewalk Astronomers who are looking for the next opportunity to get involved, Pam Shivak is promoting GLOBAL SUN-Day on July 5th, 2015!

So get those solar scopes out to parks and public places! Stay tuned for our solar recognition program! Keep track of your “solar sidewalk hours”!

Share pictures on the Global SUN-day facebook page and the Solar Sidewalk Astronomers page!

Global SUN-day


The Solar Division of the Sidewalk Astronomers carries on the Legacy of John Dobson.

Back in 1968, it was probably inconceivable that solar backyard astronomy would become as popular as it is now, with people all over the world safely viewing the sun through state of the art solar equipment and sharing the splendor of the sun with the public through public outreach.

Become a SOLAR Sidewalk Astronomer today!