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4th International Sidewalk Astronomy Night (ISAN)

Never has there been a man and his movement so profound and embraced internationally than the efforts of John Dobson.  Generations of astronomy enthusiasts and budding astronomers have been touched by bringing the cosmos closer to everyone.As with every movement, many caught this vision and joined forces to continue this dynamic mission to the four corners of the earth. These efforts birthed International Sidewalk Astronomy Night (ISAN).  Starting with 300 clubs and countless individuals with ISAN 1, it is estimated that well over 20,000 individuals looked through a scope.  Last year for ISAN 3, and the 100 Hours of Astronomy, partnered with International Year of Astronomy - a massive influx of events took place.  At last count our numbers show 2,370  events, however, those were only ones posted and we suspect  there were  many more world wide.   This new surge of  participation has sent waves of enthusiasm around the world several times over.

Join us on March 20th for the biggest ISAN yet! As John always says, "Billions of eyes are waiting!"