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Documenting Your Sidewalk Astronomy Event


Astronomy clubs and groups should always keep records of all their events. It can be helpful for future organised events and possible future fundraising. xx 

You may like to assign a person within your group responsible for this task.

Some of the information you will need to collect are as follows;

- Date/time

- Location
- Group members participating
- Telescope type and number
- Objects observed
- Approximate number of public attendee’s
- Observing and weather conditions
- Pictures of the event if possible
- Notes of interest.  Include how you promoted your event, why club members did or did not participate.  
- Note any reaction and feedback from the public, including feedback from partnering organisations (school, library, science center, etc).  
- Document the handouts you had available 
- Note how you could have improved participation or public attendance to your event. 
-Tips- Design a template in advance for documenting your Sidewalk Astronomy event. Much of the information can be filled out in advance. You can print copies to hand out to all members of your group and have them submit them a day or two later.
- Counting the Public. Assign a group member for this job, or purchase an inexpensive ‘clicker counter’ at the sporting goods store. These are commonly used to count runners crossing a finish line. If possible, give one to each telescope operator. Every time a member of the public looks through the eyepiece, a simple ‘click’ and the numbers are counted. You can also use several smart phone apps to keep a tally of the observers.If this is too difficult, an estimation of the public attendance will suffice. 
Important: If you do take photographs and intend using them in the media or on websites for promotional purposes, it is very important to check with the participants photographed, that they give their full permission to be shown in a photograph used by media outlets. This safeguards you and your group from any legal matters resulting from the use of unsolicited photographs.