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Choosing the location for Your Event

Observatories and Science Centers
When holding events at public facilities such as Science Centers and observatories, make sure to coordinate well in advance by checking the location beforehand and making early contact with center representative.
Check for electrical access if you need it, find out about parking, loading/unloading, and water sprinklers.
Make sure you know exactly where you will be setting up your telescopes and equipment.
Ask about specific rules or regulations and the times of the planetarium shows or other events going on inside, find the restrooms and rubbish bins. 
Sidewalk Events
Make sure you pick a location where you feel safe and work together in groups where possible.
Besides actual sidewalk corners, there are other locations that work just as well. Near restaurants, book stores, movie theaters, coffee shops, convenience stores, city centre parks, libraries, and subway, bus and train stops.
We suggest these locations because they have certain requirements that we find necessary for sidewalk observations.
If finding a location is difficult setup out in your front yard, local street or in front of your apartment building. Don’t set up too many scopes in one areaif it blocks foot traffic.
Its better to spread out. 
- Stay safe and check all restrictions/ordinances requiring a permit.
- Chose a location near your home or some place you like. Coffee houses, cafes and book stores are great places.
- Pick locations that are fairly populated and reasonably busy with foot traffic..
- Make sure there are facilities near by if you need to use them
- Check your horizon to be sure a building won’t be in the way and keep in mind how things will change during the evening. 
- DON’T block foot traffic.
- DON’T block entrances to businesses.
- DON’T set up directly under street lights or heavily lit areas
- DON’T break any local ordinances or city laws 
Dark Sky Events
Try to avoid spaces that are near busy roads or other sources of frequent headlights.
Remember to provide your own power supply if you are using a GoTo scope or laptop.
Try to choose a location with a good horizon. Often when people are new toastronomy, they think about the darkest places they know and forget about trees and hills.
Keep an eye on the weather conditions and check your local weather forecasts.
If you are holding your event away from the city, post a sign along the roadway.