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Centro de Astronomia Johannes Kepler in Venezuela

Luis E. Gomez

Many activities are being held by the Centro de Astronomia Johannes Kepler for the International Year of Astronomy. One of these events was designed specially for the students of the Colegio San Agustin and the other was held at the Colegio Simon Bolivar and was open to the public.

webassets/venezuela_2.jpg                       webassets/venezuela_1.jpg

The event for the students was a chance for them to learn about space exploration and what it means to be an astronaut. This event was more than a lecture, students were able to experience a little of what it feels like to be an astronaut; they tasted "astronaut food", felt the blankets used in space and tried moving around with an astronaut helmet.   Prof. Patrick Morton gave a lecture about Planetary Science and later on we made an observations of the Moon, Venus and some stars. We couldn't see anything of deep space, like any galaxy or constellation or nebulae. 

webassets/venezuela_4.jpg                  webassets/venezuela_3.jpg

At Instituto Simon Bolivar, the observation was celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Man on the Moon. It was specially a moon observation, and the people around the parking lot of the instituto were approaching to the site of observation and saw the beauty of our natural satellite. It was really interestimng and very exciting to hear all the comments of the people, specially that this event was free of charge, because thats the goal of our Centro de Astronomia Johannes Kepler of the UNERMB. To bring the sky to the people!