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Observational Evidence


Quantum mechanics is the observational evidence that the geometry of what is

known in the trade as the real world is four dimensional, and that space and time come

into that geometry as a pair of opposites, so that the space-time separations between

the emission and absorption events for what are known in the trade as 'photons' and

`gravitons' are zero. That allows us to see, by mistake, a Universe spread out before us

with zero separation between us and what we see, and with zero separation between us

and what affects us by gravity. It's like a dream, but the separation is objectively zero.


The existence of gravity, electricity and inertia is the observational evidence that

we are seeing, in space and time, an underlying existence which is not in space and

time and is therefore undivided, infinite and changeless. The changeless shows through

in the misperception as inertia; the infinite shows through as the electrical energy of the

minuscule particles; and the undivided shows through as gravity and the attraction

between opposites. That allows us to see a Universe of hydrogen, falling together by

gravity to galaxies and stars, planets and people. It's like a dream, and the notion that

we're made out of meat is part of the dream.

Sri Ramakrishna is the observational evidence that this underlying existence may

be addressed as Mother, and that it's possible to reach Her. That allows us to

understand that it's even possible to see through this misperception.


All this is Mother. Had there been anything else, I'd have written it down.