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No Known Mechanism


Richard Feynman has pointed out that there is no mechanism known for gravity. It's not due to Newton's laws of motion, nor to anything else that we

understand. Likewise, there's no mechanism known for inertia or for electricity.


And Newton's laws of motion take inertia for granted. Einstein's relativity

theory takes gravity for granted. And Maxwell's equations for electricity and

magnetism take electricity for granted. We've taken the whole thing for granted.


Why is it that these three, gravity, electricity and inertia, fall outside the

realm of explanation by our physics? I believe that it's because they do not arise

within the playing field of our physics, but beyond it. I think that gravity, electricity

and inertia are themselves the evidence that there is an uncaused cause outside

the playing field of time and space.


But if there is an uncaused cause beyond time and space it must be

changeless, not in time, infinite and undivided, not in space. I think that inertia,

electricity and gravity are the changeless, the infinite, the undivided, showing

through in the playing field of time and space. The changeless shows through as

inertia. The infinite shows through as the electrical energy of the minuscule

particles. And the undivided shows through as gravity and the attraction between



Now the interesting thing is this that the uncaused cause shows through in

the playing field of our physics in such obvious ways that we take it all for granted

as not needing an explanation. It's even built into our genetic responses. We

have a built in fear of falling, a built in fear of collisions, and a built in fear of



But if the changeless didn't show through we wouldn't need two pedals in

our cars, one to make them go when they don't want to go, and one to make

them stop when they don't want to stop. And if the undivided didn't show through

our cars wouldn't stay on the road. And, lastly, if the infinite didn't show through

we could neither see, hear, taste nor smell.


That there is an uncaused cause outside the playing field of our physics

and outside the playing field of time and space is so obvious that you don't need

to read this paper. You can feel its influence with your bare hands if you shake

something or pick something up.


The question is: Do we have access to the uncaused cause? We do.

That's the purpose of monasticism and spiritual practice.


John L. Dobson, Hollywood

April 10, 2004