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A Handful of Original Ideas


1) That that which exists (Brahman) is beyond time and space, and that

seeing it in time and space is a mistake.

2) That the nature of Brahman shows through in time and space as energy,


3) That through discrimination and renunciation it's possible to see through

the mistake.

4) That there may be reincarnation after death, governed by our Karma. That

there may be heavens and hells, but that this world is Karma Bhumi, the

world of action. And that there may be divine incarnation.

All these, from 1 to 4, are very old, from India.

5) That the stars are suns. Very old, from China.

6) That the world is made of "atoms and the void and the gravity of atoms."

Democritus, and very old, from Europe.

7) That the Great Spiral Nebula in Andromeda is a galaxy. Kant 1724-1804.

8) That all the other atoms are made of hydrogen. Prout 1815.

9) That man is descended from apes through evolution. Wallace and Darwin.


10) That energy is conserved, but that entropy goes up. Clausius 1865.

11) That time and space are a pair of opposites. Einstein 1905.

12) That the world is made of energy, E = m. The Einsteins 1905.

13) That the continents drift. Wegener 1912.

14) That our uncertainty in position and momentum cannot fall to zero.

Einstein and Heisenberg. 1927.

15) That the Universe is expanding. Hubble. 1929.

16) That, through Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, hydrogen and negative

entropy might recycle from the border of the observable Universe. Dobson


John Dobson June 8, 2006 Hollywood California