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Frustration II

When one has mistaken a rope for a snake, one is necessarily saddled
with the frustration of being unable to identify the snake.
There were some physicists, far back in time, who said that seeing the
Universe in space and time is like mistaking a rope for a snake, and they laid our
frustration to that, to a mistake.
Their name for this Universe was Jagat, the changing. And they said that if
the world which we see is changing, there must be an underlying existence which
is not in time and space and neither changing, finite nor divided. Then, since the
only way to get from the changeless to the changing is by mistake (because you
can't change the changeless), they studied mistakes. And they pointed out that if
you have mistaken a rope for a snake, the identity of the snake is beyond the
possibility of finding out. Hence, our frustration.
Now this frustration shows in our physics. The electron is frustrated in its
attempt to reach the proton in the hydrogen atom and close the electrical duality
down. (That's Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.) And the Fermi particles are
frustrated in their attempt to occupy the same energy state and close down the
gravitational plurality. (That's Pauli's exclusion principle.) That leaves us with a
Universe of hydrogen falling together by gravity to galaxies and stars. But still,
with this frustration.
As gravity falls the hydrogen together to galaxies and stars, the
gravitational energy gets converted to kinetic energy and radiation which causes
the cosmological expansion. But the expansion robs the radiation of its energy by
redshifting and causes the recycling of the protons and electrons from the
observational border. That, in turn, drives the gravitational collapse. And it goes
round and round. if the Universe weren't made of frustration it couldn't go on like
this. So don't be upset!
My guess is that just as Heisenberg's uncertainty principle recycles matter
from the border, Pauli's exclusion principle may recycle ION mass matter from
black holes as low mass quasars with high redshifts.
It's just a guess.