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A Story of John Dobson by Ted Blank

A few weeks ago I was in the Bay Area on business.  I had an evening free, and since I always bring a small scope and mount with me I set up in front of the Safeway in San Carlos to show people Jupiter and the first quarter Moon.

One lady spent quite a few minutes with me, and eventually told me at story.  Twenty or so years ago she had been walking in San Francisco and had come upon a group of sidewalk astronomers.  John was among them, and she remembered him being very kind and helpful to her young son who was looking throught a telescope for the first time.  She and John then exchanged a handshake.  I explained as best I could to her John's contributions to the hobby, and asked if I could shake her hand.  I did so, and I can now say I shook the hand of someone who shook John's hand, though I've never had the pleasure to meet him.